Ability to Share a Managed Project from within Altium Designer

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In previous versions, when a Managed Project was created, it was initially available to the owner/creator and all vault administrators. To change sharing permissions, the owner/creator needed to navigate to the project and set Share permissions from the Projects page of the vault's browser interface. Now, with Altium Vault 2.6 and Altium Designer 16.0, you can define sharing permissions for a Managed Project directly from within Altium Designer. Additionally, every newly created Managed Project is shared publicly to all vault users within your organization by default.

Access to sharing controls is made in the following ways:

  • With a document of the required Managed Project open as the active document, choose Project » Configure Project Access from the main menus.
  • Right-click on the entry for the Managed Project in the Projects panel, and choose Configure Project Access from the context menu.

The Permissions For - <ProjectName> dialog will open in which you can configure sharing as required.

Configure access to your Managed Project directly from within Altium Designer.

By default, the project will be shared with you (the owner/creator) and also publicly - denoted by the presence of the Public entity in the ID listing. This means that all users of the vault in your organization can work on the project.

Vault administrators will continue to always have access to the project regardless of the users/roles that the project is specifically shared with.

Use the available controls to setup sharing permissions as you need them. To set up specific users and/or roles, first select then remove the Public entity. You can then add a user or role as required by clicking Add User or Add Role. Use the Search For Users dialog, or Search For Role dialog to find the required user or role respectively.

Switch from public access to only those users/roles specified.

If you want to return to having the project shared publicly, simply click Add Public. Defined users/roles can remain without any effect or removed if desired.


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