Ability to Define All Ports used by Vault during Installation

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When installing Altium Vault 2.6, you now have the ability to define all network ports that are used by the vault, through the Altium Vault Setup wizard. These are:

  • Http Port (default 9780)
  • Https Port (default 9785)
  • LDAP Service Port (default 9790)
  • Synchronization Service Port (default 9791)

Default port settings for a fresh install of an Altium Vault.

If you are installing as an upgrade to an existing Altium Vault, and any of the default ports are already taken (are busy), you will be notified through the installation wizard. Simply change the affected port to a different number. If you are running installation from the command line, the installation will simply fail, with the issue reported in the associated log file.


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