Ability to Choose Delivery Folder for Content Cart

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The arrival of Altium Designer 15.0 brings a welcome enhancement to acquisition of data using the Content Cart. Where previously you had no control over the acquisition folder (other than its name), you can now choose a folder in the target vault, into which content on the Cart is to be delivered. This can be an existing folder, or a completely new one, created on-the-fly.

To specify a target folder, from the Content Cart dialog do the following:

  1. Click the Change control, to the right of the Cart's name field.
  2. In the Content Cart Name selection dialog, hover the cursor over the name field to access the  button. Click this.
  3. Use the Choose Folder dialog that appears to browse to an existing folder, or create a new folder within the folder structure, using commands from the right-click menu. Click OK when the required folder is selected.
  4. Click OK in the Content Cart Name selection dialog.
  5. Back in the Content Cart dialog, the name field (This Content Cart is called) will reflect the path to the chosen folder within the target vault.
  6. Make any other changes to delivery settings as required, then proceed to Prepare and Deliver the cart - the acquired data will be present in the chosen vault folder (refresh the vault's content).

An example of using an existing vault folder to receive the data Items loaded on the Content Cart.


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