Ability to Cancel Output Generation During Board Release

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Altium Vault 2.6, in conjunction with Altium Designer 16.0, brings the ability to cancel the board release process, during the Generate Outputs stage. This provides an efficient and effective means with which to stop the release - especially if a sizeable number of outputs are involved. It also provides a far more attractive solution to abandoning a release, without having to resort to closing down the application!

This feature is available through the PCB Release view, in either Design Mode, or Release Mode. Once the Generate Outputs stage is invoked/reached, the Cancel control becomes available at the right-end of the stage button. Simply click this to:

  • Stop generation of the outputs in Design Mode.
  • Stop generation of the outputs - and therefore stop the release - in Release Mode.

Use the Cancel control to stop generation of outputs. When in Release Mode, this will naturally also stop the release.

The output generator that is currently being run (from the associated and applicable Output Job file) can of course itself not be stopped. Rather, clicking Cancel will allow the running outputter to finish execution, before bringing the process to a halt.

The control will change to Cancelling, to visually confirm that output generation is being brought to an end.

Visual confirmation that output generation is being stopped.


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