Additional Vault Enhancements

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Altium Vault 2.6 delivers a number of additional performance-related enhancements and improvements. These are not large enough to warrant their own documented pages and so are summarized here. However, they collectively make a big impact in your day-to-day usage of the Altium Vault helping to streamline your usage and deliver a positive experience.

  • Communication with the vault has been optimized with respect to using the Item Manager and ECO features. An approximate 2x performance increase has been realized through this optimization.
  • Database structure has been updated to allow backup restoration from version 2.6.3.
  • Error reporting when using the Vault Backup Tool has been enhanced. Error details are now presented directly within the CMD window, along with full path information to the error log (errors.log).

When backing up your vault, details of any errors, as well as full path to the errors.log file, are presented directly in the CMD window.

In addition, a new mode has been added to the command line options that allows you to determine whether the backup/restore operation should run silently (-m silent, which is the default mode), or if a dialog should pop up asking to retry in the event of failure (-m dialog).

  • The Altium Vault Status Report tool has been enhanced to now also include the \BackupTool folder of the vault installation, and therefore the errors.log file.

The Backup Tool log file is now gathered by the Status Report tool.

The tool also gathers the following additional information: Folder permissions, Html services response, and Database information.

  • A default repository named DefaultRepository is now created during installation through the vault's SVN VCS service if no repository currently exists. 
  • A new Overwrite existing users option has been added to the Attribute Mapping area of the Add LDAP Sync Task form. When enabled, the LDAP Sync will override manually created users (those without AutoSync option) with those returned by the sync query as long as the users' names are an identical match.

Enable the option to overwrite existing users as part of attribute mapping.

  • To bring greater efficiency to the Stream page within the vault's browser-based interface, a Mark All as Read control has been added.

You can now easily mark all unread messages in your stream as read using the new control.


  • The Altium Vault Migration Tool now correctly supports migration from Firebird to Oracle database formats.
  • Non-ascii item names are now supported during item-less editing.
  • NIS now supports system extensions such as Embedded, Mixed Simulations, Signal Integrity, and SIMetrix.



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