MULTI - Multiplication of Currents

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SPICE Netlist Template Format

@DESIGNATOR %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 @MODEL

Parameters (definable at component level)



The content of the sub-circuit file (MULTI.ckt) associated with this model is shown below. The formula/equation used to provide this function is declared as part of the netlist-specific entry, under the .SUBCKT line of the file.

*Multiply Currents
.SUBCKT MULTI 1 2 3 4 5 6
VA 1 2 0
VB 3 4 0
BX 6 5 I=I(VA)*I(VB)


Consider the circuit in the image above, which uses math function components to implement the trigonometric base equation:

Sin2(I) + Cos2(I) = 1

With respect to the MULTI components, the entries in the SPICE netlist will be:

*Schematic Netlist:
XMcos2 COS NetMcos2_2 NetMcos2_2 0 NetMcos2_5 0 MULTI
XMsin2 SIN NetMsin2_2 NetMsin2_2 0 NetMsin2_5 0 MULTI 
*Models and Subcircuit:
.SUBCKT MULTI 1 2 3 4 5 6
VA 1 2 0
VB 3 4 0
BX 6 5 I=I(VA)*I(VB)

The effect of the function can be seen in the resultant waveforms obtained by running a transient analysis of the circuit.

In this example, the following analysis parameters on the Transient/Fourier Analysis page of the Analyses Setup dialog have been used:

  • Transient Start Time - set to 0.000
  • Transient Stop Time - set to 50.00m
  • Transient Step Time - set to 200.0u
  • Transient Max Step Time - set to 200.0u
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