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Use the following links to browse through frequently asked questions relevant to the various constituent parts of the AltiumLive ecosystem. For further, more detailed information on aspects of a particular area of the AltiumLive community, use the links available in the Further Information panel to the right.


OK, I'll ask it. What is the underlying purpose of AltiumLive?

AltiumLive is about connecting people and devices, an ecosystem that takes electronics design much, much further. An objective of AltiumLive, through its Forums, BugCrunch and Ideas systems, and the recognition program, is community building. We want to have a community that is rich in knowledge and expertise, and full of active members willing to participate, engage and share their experiences and expertise with other members, in other organizations.

How do I become a member of the AltiumLive community?

If your Organization has an account with Altium, then you will automatically become a member of the AltiumLive community when a Group Administrator for that account adds you as a new user to that account. Your AltiumLive account credentials are sent to you in an email at that time.

If you do not have an account with Altium – for example you are not a user of Altium software – you can still join the party. Simply click the Join AltiumLive link on the main page of the site and register your interest to join the community.

What does it mean to have access to AltiumLive?

Having an AltiumLive account lets you visit, connect, engage and exchange values and ideas with the broader Altium community. These will be your peers – engineers, users, developers, and interested guests.

Will AltiumLive be available in different languages?

In short – absolutely! We want to get people meeting and talking about all things electronic – and how they can, or are, harnessing the power of Altium's design solutions to create that next innovative (and lucrative) product – and not limit that to an English-speaking community only. Instead, the creation of various, linguistically-different communities, that together effectively are all speaking a single language – ELECTRONICS.



Content Store

How does the 'Star Rating' work?

A star rating helps to identify the usefulness and therefore popularity of an item in the store. Each unique member of the AltiumLive community can rate a store item, with only their last 'vote' counting towards the overall rating. This allows you to change your mind and essentially re-rate the item again, should you wish. Note also, that if a review is submitted with 'zero stars', that rating is effectively ignored.

The overall rating is the integer average of valid ratings – i.e. the sum of the individual star ratings divided by the number of unique community members having voted.


How are these Forums different to the old Altium Forum?

Fresh, invigorated and more importantly, visible to all. The wider engineering community can drop by the new AltiumLive Forums and view what's going on, the topics being discussed, and replies from Altium Team Members themselves – no hiding of forums behind 'closed doors'.

Does AltiumLive support email interaction in a similar way to that of the previous Altium Community Forums?

The AltiumLive Forums have the ability to set up email notifications. However, those email notifications do not allow you to respond via email.


Who has access to the BugCrunch system?

The BugCrunch system can be accessed by any member of the AltiumLive community.

Do we have to pay to vote for a bug?

No. Voting for bugs within the BugCrunch system is completely free. You are, of course, restricted to voting once for any given bug.

When does a bug get accepted for fixing?

A bug is passed to the In Development stage of the system once it is actually assigned to, and is actively being worked on by a developer.




A separate page for FAQs related to the AltiumLive Dashboard can be found here.


How do I download Altium Designer?

Simply sign-in to AltiumLive and navigate to the page of the site. Then, in the Altium Designer section on the left-hand side, click the Download Now button. This will download the AltiumInstaller.exe, with which to install the software on your computer.

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