Altium Designer Winter 09 - Local Update Server Setup

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Altium Designer has the ability to check Altium’s server for available software updates.

Altium Designer Winter 09 - Software Updates

Alternatively, updates can be downloaded and stored on an internal file server. Altium Designer can then be configured to check the internal server rather than Altium’s website for available updates. This allows organizations to control the deployment of updates.

Altium Designer Winter 09 - Software Updates

Configuring a local update server

To make a new update available on your local network path, you require the following files:

  • The updated executable
  • A new ListOfUpdates.XML file
  • The latest webupdate.exe file
  • The latest webupdate2.exe file

Note: Download the service pack executable file from the 'Self-contained updates' downloads section. Download the zip archive containing the ListOfUpdates.xml file from the 'Updates for a local update server' downloads section. Extract the XML file to the same folder as the Webupdate and the service pack exe files. Webupdate.exe and Webupdate2.exe are occasionally updated so these should be downloaded and extracted. Overwrite any existing Webupdate.exe and Webupdate2.exe files in your folder.

Web update executable
Web updates are stored in self-extracting executable files. Each update is available as a separate file.
Each web update builds on the previous one, meaning that if you want to install a specific update, all web updates leading up to the required update are required beforehand.
The web updates follow a standard naming convention as follows:
This update will allow you to upgrade from build 7903 to 9346.

XML File (ListofUpdates.xml)
When the software checks for updates, it reads an XML file and compares the list of available updates in the XML file to what is installed on the machine.
With each new update, a new XML file is required. Since it contains information about the patch as well as all previous patches, this file can be replaced each time you add another update to your server.

The webupdate.exe and webupdate2.exe files are used during a web update to install the new software. These files are occasionally updated. When they are updated they should be replaced to ensure the latest versions are being used.

Storing web updates

Once the required files for the web updates have been downloaded, store them all in a single location that is accessible to your users.

Configuring Altium Designer Clients

Configure the Preferences for each Altium Designer client in your organization through DXP » Preferences » System » Altium Web Update.
Select Network path option and specify the location of the local file server you have setup to share your update files. Use a drive letter, e.g. C:\Updates or a UNC path, e.g. \\myserver\adupdates
The following image shows where to specify the location for web updates in your Preferences in Altium Designer.

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