Unique Identifiers Errors

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This compiler hint will appear when at least two parts, two sheet symbols, or a combination of these objects - across source schematic sheets in a design - have the same Unique ID associated to them. The message is displayed in the Messages panel in the following format:

Unique Identifiers Errors: found at Location1 and Location2,


Location1 is the X,Y coordinates for the first object found with a Unique ID error

Location2 is the X,Y coordinates for the second object found with a Unique ID error.

Default Report Mode



Reset the Unique ID's for the offending objects as required. This can be done at the individual object level, by accessing the object's associated properties dialog and clicking the Reset button next to the field for the Unique ID. Alternatively, you can reset Unique IDs on a more global level using the Reset Part/Sheet Symbol Unique IDs dialog (Tools » Convert » Reset Component Unique IDs). The dialog allows you to reset IDs for the active document, all source schematics in the active project, or all open schematics (regardless of the project to which they belong).

You are reporting an issue with the following selected text and/or image within the active document: