Patching Instructions for AD10 Update 13

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The latest release of Altium Designer includes a patching system to improve the update process. The patching system dramatically reduces the size of the downloads required to install an update.

To install this update as before you can simply click on the "Update All" button on the Plug-ins and Updates page. Then patching will be installed for future updates.
If you would like to use the patching system immediately with this update to 10.747.23074 you may follow these steps:

  • Open the Plug-ins and Updates page (DXP>Plug-ins and Updates).
  • Navigate to System Components>Altium Designer Installation System.
  • Update to the latest revision of this module.

After restarting Altium Designer, the new patching system should be installed. You can now “Update All” and the update should require a significantly smaller download.

With any new technology like this there is a chance that antivirus, security policies or other system peculiarities may introduce complications. If you have any trouble applying updates with patching, clearing your local repository cache will allow you to download and apply the full update.

  • Run the Altium Uninstaller - you can download it from AltiumLive
  • Select the “Global Info” tab.
  • In the “Download Cache” section, click the Clean button.
  • Make sure the “Repository Builds Cache” item is checked and click Ok.
  • Run Altium Designer and open the Plug-ins and Updates page.
  • Click “Update All” and complete the process of applying the updates.

As always, please report any issues you discover in the forums so that we can address them and improve your experience of using Altium Designer.

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