Font Editing for Schematic Design Objects

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Altium Designer 13.0 sees a beneficial improvement to the way in which the font is edited for applicable design objects in Schematic, Schematic Library and OpenBus System documents. A new font control not only provides access to the familiar Font dialog, but also reflects the currently chosen font – applied to the relevant textual attribute of an object. Available in the main properties dialog for an object, this support also extends to the relevant Inspector and List panel for the parent editor.

The new font control offers access to change the font, and also provides visual confirmation of the font currently being applied.

In terms of current font visual indication, the control displays:

  • Font Name
  • Font Size
  • Font Style

Effects are also displayed when enabled (Strikeout, Underline). If Regular is used for the font's style, this will not be displayed visually in the control's string.

Example of a chosen font reflected in the font control.
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