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With the release of Altium Designer 10, components are now delivered through the Altium Vault and accessed for placement during design-time via Altium Designer's Vault Explorer panel. Vault-based components deliver another level of unification, not only do they include all models, they also include up-to-date supply chain information.

For the latest information on what components are available in the Vaults, including descriptions of all device families, check out the Unified Component section of the Altium Live Content Store. As well as access to the Vault-based components, you can also download an up-to-date Integrated Library of each available component family from the Content Store, look for the link on the left when you're reading about a component family.

For those designers who need off-line access to components, Integrated component Libraries can be downloaded using the links below. Either download all libraries in a single ZIP, or pick the specific Manufacturer you need.

The below library downloads are deemed to be 'frozen libraries'. The content of these ZIPs was built at the time of the launch of Altium Designer 10, and will not be updated.

Updated versions of many of these libraries may be found on the AltiumLive website

Download all Libraries:

Individual Library Downloads - by Manufacturer:

3M (20KB)
Actel (10MB)
Agilent Technologies (0.5MB)
Allegro MicroSystems (2.6MB)
Alpha Microelectronics (30KB)
Altera (39MB)
AMP (3.5MB)
Amphenol (30KB)
Analog Devices (9MB)
Antenna Factor (8KB)
Antenova (9KB)
Astron Technology (19KB)
Atmel (2.4MB)
Attend (18KB)
Avago (580KB)
Bitwise Systems (875KB)
Bulgin (14KB)
Burr-Brown (4.2MB)
C&K Components (13KB)
Chin Nan Precision Electronics (8KB)
Cirrus Logic (58KB)
Cliff Electronic Components (17KB)
C-MAC MicroTechnology (22KB)
Contact Technology (11KB)
Cooper Bussman Coiltronics (82KB)
Cypress (11.5MB)
Dallas Semiconductor (1.1MB)
Device Sheets (1.3MB)
Digi International (11KB)
ECS (40KB)
Elantec (1.4MB)
Fairchild Semiconductor (4MB)
Freescale Semiconductor (1.8MB)
Generalplus Technology (55KB)
Gennum (1.5MB)
Harris Suppression (21KB)
Hirose Electric (85KB)
Hitachi Semiconductor (450KB)
Holtek Semiconductor (9KB)
IL Switch (11KB)
Infineon (160KB)
Integrated Device Technology (33KB)
International Rectifier (2.8MB)
Intersil 1MB)
Johanson Technology (8KB)
KEMET Electronics (39KB)
Keystone Electronics (9KB)
King Billion Electronics (7KB)
Kingfont (9KB)
Kitagawa (12KB)
Kobiconn (14KB)
Kycon (11KB)
Lattice 33MB)
Linear Technology (2MB)
Lumberg (9KB)
Maxim (6.4MB)
Micrel (9KB)
Microchip (5.6MB)
Micron Technology (37KB)
Molex (640MB)
Morethanall (12KB)
Motorola (15MB)
National Semiconductor (7.8MB)
NEC (166KB)
Newport Components (121KB)
NXP (206KB)
Oki Semiconductor (148KB)
ON Semiconductor (1.7MB)
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors (9KB)
Panasonic (85KB)
PCB (9.4MB)
Philips (1MB)
Projects Unlimited (9KB)
QuickLogic (806KB)
Raltron Electronics (15KB)
Renesas Technology (4.2MB)
RF MicroDevices (162KB)
Samsung (74KB)
Samtec (12KB)
Sansen Technology (8KB)
Sonix Technology (5KB)
Spansion (330KB)
ST Microelectronics (46MB)
Sunplus Technology (40KB)
Sunridge Corporation (203KB)
Susumu (13KB)
Suyin Corporation (13KB)
Teccor Electronics (75KB)
Technik Industrial (15KB)
Telit Communications (13KB)
Texas Instruments (18MB)
Toshiba (13KB)
Vishay (2.6MB)
Vitesse Semiconductor (10KB)
Western Digital (1.3MB)
Wieson Technologies (11KB)
Winbond Electronics (12KB)
Xilinx (44MB)
Zarlink Semiconductor (335KB)
Zetex (215KB)
Zilog (1.7MB)

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