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There's no better way to showcase the features and functionality available in Altium Designer, than by example. In addition to the examples included as part of the installation, a variety of full reference designs are also available to download. These include designs that showcase functionality both in the PCB design and Soft design domains, as well as a full complement of designs relating to the hardware available from Altium – NanoBoards, Daughter Boards, and Peripheral Boards.

You can download the latest example and reference design projects from the AltiumLive Content Store for use with your installation of Altium Designer. For designers who need access to examples and reference designs when they do not have the internet available, you can download all the examples and reference designs using the links below.

Note that these ZIPs were built at the time of the launch of Altium Designer 10 and may not include the same set of examples and reference designs as what is now available in the Content Store.

Download Examples and Reference Designs:

All Examples, in single file (38MB)

All Reference Designs, as a single file (141 MB)

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