Deploying improved proxy support

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Following are instructions on how to deploy the improved proxy support (delivered in Update 15, build 10.818.23272) in the Altium Installer and Altium Download Manager.

Before you start

The new Altium Designer Installer and Download Manager will use the same proxy settings as Internet Explorer. So if Internet Explorer is not able to access the Internet then Altium Designer will not be able to do so. So before testing it is best to make sure that Internet Explorer is able to access to Internet.

Internet Explorer (must be version 7 or later) needs to be configured for access via your proxy server. Run Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options, click on Connections tab, click on LAN settings button. You will be presented with several options for configuring proxy settings:

1. Automatically detect settings
2. Use automatic configuration script
3. Manually provide proxy server name and address

Your network administrator should provide the information you require.

Once IE is configured, following are the options.

Option 1 - install a new build

Before doing so, you need to get the latest Installer which has the latest development in it.

Download latest Installer (10.0.23272)

Download latest Uninstaller (10.0.23272)

Upon completion of download, run the installer and complete the installation process.

Hint: If you wish to retain your existing AD10 installation, you can install a new build alongside it. Just nominate a different destination folder during the installation process.

Option 2 - update your existing installation

To update your existing installation to build 10.818.23272 (or later) you will need to download the new Download Manager which has the updated development in it.

Download latest Download Manager (10.0.23272)

Upon completion of download, you need to copy it to your Altium Designer System\Installation folder. Usually it is "C:\Program Files\Altium\AD 10\System\Installation" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Altium\AD 10\System\Installation" on 64 bit Windows. You will need admin rights to do this.

Once complete, go to the Plugins & Updates page (DXP > Plugins & Updates) and click the Update All. If you don't see an update, click the Refresh link at the top of the page. If you have been installing from a local repository or DVD, you will also need to change your Remote Repository Location. Go to DXP>Preferences and click on Installation Manager. Ensure that Remote Repository Location is set to:

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