Single 'Master' Control to Work Offline

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Altium Designer uses the Internet and third party servers to connect to Altium Cloud, Altium Vault, suppliers, to search for updates, etc. It may be desired or necessary to work offline in some situations or environments. In this release, a feature has been added that gives you full control over network connectivity. Altium Designer 16 allows you to disable specific network activity or disable all network activity through the new Network Activity menu.


The Network Activity menu is located on the Preferences dialog (DXP » Preferences or Workspace from the Projects Panel).  

Network Activity Options

Click to check/uncheck each activity from which you wish to connect/disconnect:

  • Altium Portal - check this box to connect to the Altium Portal. When you uncheck this box, Altium Cloud and Global Update Service will automatically also uncheck.
  • Altium Cloud - check this box to have access to Altium Cloud. Unchecking this option can be particularly useful when working in classified or public WiFi environments. 
  • Altium Vault - check this box if access to the Altium Vault is required. When you uncheck this box, Local Update Service will automatically also uncheck.
  • Built-In Browser - check this box if access to online Help/Search functions is required.
  • License Server - check this box to allow all License Server related traffic.
  • Suppliers - check this box if you desire access to suppliers' servers.
  • NanoBoard Firmware - check this box if you want to receive updates to the NanoBoard 3000 Firmware that is pre-installed with Altium Designer.
  • Global Update Service - check this box to allow automatic checking, downloading and installation of updates from the global server. 
  • Sending Crash Reports - check this box if you want to have crash reports sent to Altium.
  • Publishing - check this box to access the Publishing Destinations (for output jobs) that you specified in Preferences » Data Management » Publishing Destinations.
  • Product Improvement - check this box if you wish to connect to Altium servers for participation in the Product Improvement Program.
You can also fully disable all network connectivity by clicking Allowed Network Activities to uncheck all boxes. To reconnect to all listed options, click Allowed Network Activities again to recheck all boxes.
Altium Designer must be restarted for any of the new Network Activity settings to take effect.
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