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Pad & Via Templates and Libraries
xSignal Wizard
Live Drill Drawing 
PDF 3D Export 
Polygon Pour Improvements
Multi-line PCB Text Support
Union Enhancements
External 3D models for Vault Components
OrCAD 16.x Import Support
Drill Pair Reference
Custom Coverlay Support
Support for Cypress Touch Controls
Test Point Clearance Check
Solder Mask Expansion from Hole
Board Outline Clearance Checking
Schematic Symbol Generation Tool

Version 15.1.16

Build63332 Date: 2 June 2016 

7492 Restored the ability to edit holes in the Hole Size Editor mode of the PCB panel.
7500 Resolved issue that caused first Interactive Length Tuning to be deleted after adding second one to a net.
8318 Resolved issue with memory leaking during compilation of Integrated library.
8408 Resolved an issue where items that were added to Vaults were not shown after clicking "Refresh" button.
7001 Resolved an Altium Designer access violation error that could occur when opening PCB documents during PCB design collaboration.
7491 DRC processing for Board Outline Clearance between complex pads and exterior board edges has been corrected.
8473 Resolved an issue with wrong polygon mapping while import board from Eagle.
8489 Fixed an issue that leading to crash during BOM report generation.
8557 Resolved an access violation error that occurred when importing a PADS Logic ASCII (.txt) file.
8649 Restored ability to use "ShowDialogWithCaption" function in the scripts.
8650 Resolved issue with BOM generation for fitted/not fitted variants components.
8651 Altium Designer no longer crashes when two or more ports are added to multi-channel design simultaneously.
8653 Toggle Fitted/Not Fitted works correctly for multi-part variants components (BC:4929).
8655 Fixed regression issue with "Place>Directives>Specific No ERC" not picking compiler violation.
8916 The issue of special strings with delimiter characters not being interpreted correctly during assembly drawing generation has been resolved.
9198 Resolved an issue with Altium Designer's Orcad exporter where an exported library was empty or the exported design caused Orcad to crash.
12040 STEP and IDF exports no longer produce faceted edges in circular board cutouts (BC:365).

Version 15.1.15

Build: 50867 Date: 14 September 2015

7073 All properties in the State Properties dialog (when configuring a lifecycle definition) are now visible (BC:5630).
7460 Fixed issue with compiler warning being incorrectly displayed for broken links between Schematic components and Variants definition in a multi-channel design
7496 Polygon pours no longer cause clearance violations after Altium Designer is updated to newest version.
7497 The "Convert Special Strings" option no longer gets disabled after starting an Output Job file which is using the PCB document as its Data source.
7499 Special strings whose parameter names include '-' are now correctly converted.
7501 Access violation in module "TKShHealing.dll" no longer occurs during STEP export.
7502 The Text Position property for dimension text is now correctly set to Manual when that text is manually repositioned (BC:5724).
7522 Resolved an issue whereby the required lifecycle definition was not being applied during item creation, when the item type had more than one lifecycle definition assigned to it.
8128 Length tuning for differential pairs no longer creates violations with the board outline.


Version 15.1.14

Build47215 Date: 22 July 2015

6370 The Symbol Generator now correctly observes units for default pin lengths during component creation
6771 Resolved an issue where opening a PcbDoc containing a Design View could result in the software entering into an infinite loop.
6843 Footprint with ".Comment" special string no longer displayed as mismatched after running footprint comparison via "Tools>Update from PCB Libraries".
6886 A PCB created in AD14.3 no longer loses relief polygon connections when it is opened in Altium Designer 15.1 and the polygon is repoured.
6915 The time taken to compile a schematic project has been reduced (BC:5495).
6938 PCB panels whose child PCB designs contain Component refdes, Component comment, and dimension text now produce proper Print and Assembly output to PDF documents (BC:5716).
6960 Resolved an issue where a new project being created from a template would point to the wrong OutputJob file.
7022 Resolved an issue when unique identifier errors appeared after updating a modified schematic symbol using the "Tools >Update Schematics command".
7070 Resolved an issue with Undetectable Short Circuit in Schematic when Blankets are used
7085 Resolved an issue where the designators were incorrectly placed in the generated PDF output if they were on a mechanical layer in an embedded board array (BC:5714).

Version 15.1.13

Build46088 Date: 2 July 2015

4814 Altium Designer no longer crashes on start, in environments utilizing a roaming profile (BC:5218).
6410 Several fabrication and assembly output issues concerning TrueType special String conversion, location, and justification, have been resolved (BC:5521).
6566 Invalid files nor longer generated during export to Parasolid (BC:5650).
6574 The PCB can now be exported in PDF3D format, directly in the Project folder. This fixes the issue where a blank PCB was being created, that overwrote the existing PCB document.
6577 Fixed issue with non-editable via sizes during routing.
6587 Availability of Component State validation has been restored in OutputJobs.
6590 An issue with Altium Designer licenses not being recognized when using Private License Server v14.0.0.33 (or earlier), has been resolved.
6607 The MCAD collaboration standalone license no longer needs to be re-activated every time Altium Designer starts.
6672 All cell data is now loaded properly when opening older CmpLib files in Altium Designer 15.1 (BC:5601).
6050 Multiline strings with CR LF now display correctly in PDF3D export.
6601 An issue with the Symbol Wizard window not being movable, has been resolved.
6768 The Component Template (CMPT) Editor is now compatible with Altium Designer 15.1.

Version 15.1.12

Build: 45129 Date: 2 June 2015

6292 Restored the possibility to change lifecycles when working with versions of Altium Vault earlier than 2.5.
6317 Undo of component layer flip no longer modifies the component's Flipped On Layer property.
6409 Resolved an issue when managed project was invisible in Altium Designer when it was created in repository which URL had "/" at the end.
6427 Resolved an issue when generation STEP file from output job was impossible.
6239 False violations of Board Outline Clearance rule no longer occurs for primitives on Mechanical layers.
6277 Resolved an issue with schematics where the compiler did not highlight an error for components which have duplicate designators (BC:5449).
6349 Altium Designer no longer crashes when rendering a solder mask for pads, after switching from 2D to 3D.
6351 Altium Designer no longer crashes when user removes polygons imported from Camtastic.
6369 Restored the ability to change all selected cells at Next State column in Batch.
6376 Extruded 3D Body objects converted to STEP in Altium Designer Versions 15.0 and earlier now retain their shapes in Altium Designer Version 15.1 (BC:5467, BC:5511).
6013 Resolved an issue with component rotation during Eagle import with non US regional settings.
6040 Objects selected in PCB Layout using the Board Insight panel now correctly update the PCB Inspector panel.
6284 Added the option to display mechanical layers in board planning mode.
6310 Fixed crash during sequential repour of overlapped polygons.
6439 Resolved an issue with SchLibGenerationTool when data copied from Excel was pasted into the first several cells of the wizard, and the other cells were pre-selected (BC:5506, BC:5491).

Version 15.1.9

Build: 44146 Date: 8 May 2015

6266 Altium Designer no longer hangs after setting 3D Body height in 3D mode.
6256 Explode polygon to free primitives now works properly.
6190 F1 now works properly for newly added dialogs.
6077 Import of an OrCAD 16.3 DSN using Import Wizard no longer misses multiple pages.
6041 Multiline text is now properly converted to strokes and polygon during generation of certain export formats.
5030 Functions InNamedUnion('Name') and InUnion(ID) are now available in scripting system and rule queries.
4887 Fixed issue with wrongly formed thermal connections when certain settings were used (BC:5450).

Version 15.1.8

Build: 44021 Date: 4 May 2015

4300 Pad and Via Solder Mask Expansion can now be applied from the hole edge, as well as from the Pad/Via's copper shaped edge.
4588 "Bikini Coverlay" is now supported, enabling proper surface film outputs for flexible sections, including expansions.
4555 A Board Outline Clearance (Manufacturing) rule has been added to the PCB Layout Editor to constrain the proximity of objects to various types of board edges.
4936 When a via instance's layer span property is required, users can now specify a drill pair and optionally access the Drill-Pair Manager.
4992 Provided the possibility to generate 3D PDF of PCB-assemblies.
4554 Added Smart Union management, a new Union mode on the PCB panel that allows the designer to review and manage Union types, Unions, and Union primitives.
4649 Drill Drawing layer is now live, displaying drill symbols once a drill table has been placed or when the drill symbols have been configured for display.
4779 Added a new "Pad and Via library" feature that allows for the creation of reusable pad and via templates.
1606 The PCB Layout Editor's String object has been enhanced to support multi-line text, by allowing carriage returns to be embedded in the text and resizing of the String's bounding rectangle.
4553 Altium Designer now checks dependencies during polygon repours and provides correct pour order when modifying a shape.
4938 Provided one way synchronization between Tasking Pinmapper tool and Altium Designer.
4594 Developed xSignals Wizards which helps to create rules for configuration of length matching rules.
4581 Polygons can now be automatically named (both initially and upon subsequent changes) according to a user defined naming template.
4771 Created a Schematic symbol generation tool that reduces time spent on functional symbols creation.
5356 Developed the possibility to change Layer Color in one output outjob file instead of changing the color in all of them (BC:101).
5448 In response to several BugCrunch items, a 3D Body's 3D Color property can now be optionally used to override the colors of its STEP Model (BC:154, BC:1255).
5097 ODB++ supports arc only cut-outs now (BC:5158).
5378 Component rotation is now correctly exported to dwf/dxf formats (BC:4977).
4682 Visibility of the comment field on placement from DBLib restored to legacy behavior (BC:4994).
4921 Resolved an issue where square selectors were not showing after flipping the board (BC:5104).
5190 Resolved an issue where a BOM is added to a publishing destination and the Excel file is created but the file size is zero bytes (BC:973).
4514 Fixed an issue with saving menu customizations between sessions (BC:4957).
3986 When deleting multiple sub-parts of a component in the schematic library editor, the selected components are always the ones that are deleted (BC:4768).
5383 Ability to set "Not Fitted" for group of selected component has been added (BC:3028).
5456 It is now possible to switch between 2D and 3D views asynchronously (press 2 or 3), or synchronously (press Shift+2 or Shift+3) (BC:5253).
5516 TSaveDialog/TOpenDialog can be invoked from the script (BC:5326).
5358 Resolved an issue with parameters updating if "Auto Position" was disabled in .SchLib (BC:839).
5724 Resolved an issue with Altium Designer hanging when attempting to import large Allegro design data.
5263 Access Violation error no longer occurs after OrCAD schematic file import.
4917 This will allow users who are editing routes or examining trace or x-signals to easily get to the length tune the trace.
4576 DXF importer no longer causes freezing when DXF files with many splines are imported.
5221 Release-process into Altium Vault no longer fails due to missing folder generation.
5227 The legacy “Use Transparent Layers” option is now automatically disabled in place of new layer transparency system.
4748 Resolved an issue where cross-junction was converted to cross-over after any component or segment of a sketch had been dragged.
3593 Resolved an issue with dimensions changing incorrectly after a file had been imported from AutoCAD to PCB.
4959 An issue has been corrected where the layer stack region split line start/end locations self-modified when the user switched in and out of board planning mode.
5076 Behavior of the PCB Panel's Layer Stack Regions editor has been corrected when PCB Layout Editor is in Board Planning Mode.
5081 Resolved an issue where the parameter location was changed after updating components from a library.
4520 Ctrl+C command for 3D mode works now.
4485 The default footprint is now indicated in the Libraries panel, and used when placing a component.
4583 Double-clicking on Layer Stack Chart no longer invokes Length Tuning Dialogue.
4885 Duplicated Menu Shortcut Accelerators were changed to unique.
4433 Multipart components in xDxDesigner are now treated properly, creating corresponding parts instead of individual components.
5435 Access check added when saving the BSDL_FileMap.Txt file.
5412 Gerber outputs no longer lose layers when generated for embedded boards.
5219 Fanout procedure now follows room and net rules.
4932 FSO of Pins of SchLib parts with multiple parts works properly now.
5351 Moving groups of objects is restricted to the area of visibility now.
4758 IDX import no longer relays on regional date and time format anymore.
5481 Resolved an issue when placement of DXF was wrong after it was exported via Output Jobfile.
5191 Resolved an issue where columns were lost after copying the OutJob file from one project to another with the “Include parameters from PCB” setting.
5065 Resolved an issue where components rotated incorrectly after PCB file had been exported to AutoCAD.
5347 Resolved an issue when Pad names were incorrect and Net information was missing in ASCII file after PADS import.
4580 Live Highlighting when the board is flipped now works correctly.
5146 Pads with the same JumperID but different nets are reported as short circuits now.
3992 Fabrication output for a vault-managed, panelized PCB design now produces a warning message when the panel PcbDoc and referenced PcbDocs are not members of the same project.
5343 Violation description for component clearance has been updated to be more informative.
5413 Fixed a bug with snap to board axis when snapping to embedded board edge.
5345 Fixed several issues with pre-defined stackups in layer stack manager.
5426 Testpoint flag is updating now during layer change.
4614 Resolved an issue where Polygon Hatch does not pour correctly when individual Poly to Via Rule is set.
4436 Compile Names Expansion setting for Ports now functions correctly.
3939 PDF output has been corrected when PCB designs contain rounded rectangle pad shapes.
4924 Resolved an issue where arcs were importing incorrectly from Altium Designer to AutoCAD .dwg.
5534 The Grid Manager's Snap To Object Hotspot setting now avoids snapping to board outline vertices when the Snap To Board Outline option is not activated in Board Options.
4378 Issue with disappearing 3D bodies when moving designators in 3D mode has been resolved.
5703 Resolved an issue where duplicate component IDs not caught during compilation resulted in incorrect schematic to PCB updates.
4901 Unnecessary & Time Wasting "Analyzing Nets" has been optimized on large designs.
5239 xSignals no longer crashes after placing or removing free pads.
5625 Issue with placing manual junction at the position of cross-over has been resolved.
5362 Error after trying to generate A4-size for PCB has been resolved.
5646 Resolved issues with creating schematic component from Sheet using Sheet Actions ->Create Component from Sheet.
4222 Export of square and slot shaped pad holes to Autocad DXF/DWG files have been corrected.
5113 An odd behavior of PSON in IPC Batch Wizard is fixed.
5722 Resolved a regression issue when evaluating special string values (document parameters, current date/time) when generating a BOM.
5430 Resolved an issue with pushing update from net list to PCB.
5316 Resolved an issue with NoERC markers causing slow project compilation.
5354 SimView.DLL access violation error no longer occurs while simulating Mixed Sim.
4792 Fixed an issue with displaying international characters in a BOM report.
5361 Fixed an issue with layer mapping in PCB Print output settings dialog.
4755 An issue that resulted in a blank file when generating a pdf from an outjob file for a SimView document has been fixed.
3562 A problem in the SimModel editor dialog when specifying the pin mapping for components with hidden pins has been fixed.
5028 Wrong behavior of DPAK in IPC Wizard is fixed.
4622 Resolved an issue where the wrong DuplicatedID warning appeared when repeated sheet symbols were used.
4914 Thermal relief generation had been improved.
4483 The Gerber X2 Apper Function attribute syntax has been improved.
4482 The Gerber X2 FileFunction attribute syntax has been improved.
5723 Issue with Schematic compiler producing intermittent crashes when compiling integrated library has been resolved
5023 Allegro importer does not crash anymore on large designs.
3906 Resolved a problem with generating large sized PDFs from Schematic documents containing JPEG images.
5348 Issue with incorrect import of NC Drill table from Allegro has been resolved.
5357 Resolved an issue with creating unrolled nets when importing ORCAD designs.
5318 Altium Designer no longer crashes when compiling a project that has many error and warnings.
5363 Generating Gerber files no longer crashes when PCB document contains an Embedded Board Array that references a PCB document that does not exist.
5145 Resolved an issue with component clearance checking on imported designs.
4763 Restored the possibility to copy and paste symbols between components in a Schematic library.
5465 Resolved an issue for Preview in Print Job where selecting multiple PCB or Schematic documents caused Access Violation or empty preview.
4620 Resolved an issue when some components were excluded from the Pick and Place file.
5359 Pins will no longer disappear from SchLib component when importing them from PADS.
5110 Special strings with parameters containing "-" or "." symbols are now processed properly.
5243 Ability to create separate net classes for buss sections when pushing updates from Schematic to PCB has been added.
5447 Provided possibility to update all extensions at once.
5326 Added support for spline, parabola and ellipse edge types to region/polygon/board outline shapes when collaborating with SolidWorks.
5228 Fabrication and Assembly Testpoint Style rules now contain properties for controlling clearances between testpoints and neighboring Pad/Via object holes.
5017 Component type can now be defined directly in pcblib.
5077 Extension&Updates section shows detailed information and updates released by Altium, without requiring an active Portal session.
4679 Developed the possibility to autocomplete an expression for scopes based on xSignal and xSignalClasses named in the Query Helper.
4465 Added ability to suppress updating specific parameters from database when generating BOM report
5355 Compiler now detects mismatches between project variants and actual Schematic documents and reports warnings.
5341 Added an prompt to have user restart Altium Designer after installing an extension.
5349 DRC units window has variable size now.
5063 Net change for a pad is now automatically propagated to all pads with the same Jumper ID.
4486 Added an optional 2:6 inches (4:5 mm) precision for Gerber X2 output.
4484 Added heuristics for Gerber X2 attribute assignment.
4492 Arcs on all objects are now approximated correctly.
4753 Board outline export supports preserving arc segments now.
4466 Schematic annotation now uses a 2 unit scanning grid, supporting correct annotation when designators are slightly out of alignment.
5290 Added a drop-down list which shows templates for working nets or those which are bigger or less than the allowed size.
4795 Provided importing support for the latest 16.x Orcad schematic document and libraries.
4984 Provided support for creating planar capacitive sensor patterns on PCB, for use with the range of Cypress CapSense controllers.
4515 Added an ability to round up Schematic internal coordinates to compensate for rounding problems when switching from imperial to metric units.
4450 Resolved an issue where arcs were flipped when DWG file was imported into a PCB.
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