Altium Designer

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Altium Designer combines Schematic, ECAD Libraries, Rules & Constraints, BoM, Supply Chain Management, ECO Processes and World-Class PCB Design tools in one easy to use, Native 3D enhanced, Unified Environment, increasing your entire team’s productivity, efficiency and reducing your overall costs and time to market..

Altium Designer is all about freeing you from the constraints of traditional design limitations and the old "divide and conquer" approach. Altium Designer provides a single unified solution for the entire design process – the only one of its kind. It allows you to explore and do more, do it in new ways, and design things that haven't even been thought of yet.

Think and design beyond the confines of the device itself and start designing your customer's total product experience. That's next-generation electronics design. That's Altium Designer.

What's New in Altium Designer - Check out the new features and enhancements in Altium Designer.
System Installation, Licensing & Management - Install Altium Designer and configure how it is licensed.
Getting Started with Altium Designer - New to Altium Designer? then start here.
The Altium Designer Environment - The basics for understanding the Altium Designer environment.
Library and Component Management - Comprehensive resources for component data management.
Project Management - Learn about design and project management, including key concepts and advantages.
Front-End Design - Designing your electronic circuit from concept through to manufacture.
Design Verification and Synchronization - Ensure your design is ready for release to manufacture.
Board Implementation - Covers the physical board layout and routing, including 3D visualization.
Design to Manufacturing - Checking and generating manufacturing data.
Soft Design - Harness the full potential of reprogrammable devices with soft-centric design.
Altium Designer Viewer - Others can use the free Altium Designer viewer to check design files.


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