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Scripts can be written to automate repetitive tasks or enhance a feature in Altium Designer. The scripting system is composed of two main parts; the Editor and the Debugger.

Scripts can be saved in a script project or in a design project. There are several script languages available to write scripts in Altium Designer.

Scripting Languages

Scripts can be written for Altium Designer in the following script languages:

Code and debug scripts

The Altium Designer Scripting system offers a fully featured environment for coding and debugging scripts.

The Scripting Debugger helps you to identify and resolve errors in scripts by providing a range of automated tools and information panels. It provides the ability to preview and monitor variables, trace code, control the execution of a script and much more.

Altium Designer APIs

Altium Designer's Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are accessible in scripts. By accessing the APIs, you can write a script to modify or update a design document and its design objects in Altium Designer.

Altium Designer Scripting Guide

Scripting Languages and Examples

The Altium Designer Scripting API

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