PB01 Audio-Video Peripheral Board

Altium's Audio / Video peripheral board PB01 provides a Stereo Audio CODEC and a host of video capabilities, available for use by the FPGA device resident on the currently attached daughter board.

The PB01 has the following features:

  • 24-bit Stereo Audio CODEC with I2S-compatible interface
    • Analog audio input: Stereo line in, microphone
    • Analog audio output: Stereo line out
    • Digital audio data: Transfer over I2S bus
  • Composite video input and output
  • S-Video input and output
  • 24-bit RGB VGA output
  • 1-Wire® memory device used to store board ID and related information
  • 1-Wire® device socket (3-pin, 1.27mm pitch)

Figure 1. Altium's Audio / Video peripheral board PB01.

General Board Resources

The following linked pages detail general resources found on the PB01 and common to all peripheral boards.

PB01-Specific Resources

The PB01 has a variety of resources individually wired to target daughter board FPGA I/O pins. The relevant I/O and control signals are wired from the resource (via the peripheral board connector on the NB2DSK01 motherboard) to pins of the relevant daughter board connector, and ultimately on to I/O pins of the FPGA device itself.

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