Design Verification and Synchronization

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What do designers use as part of their daily arsenal in their approaches to design verification in order to be confident that their design is ready for PCB layout? Verifying that a design is correct is often the most difficult and yet also the most important aspect during this phase. The focus of this article will be on a discussion of issues that typically cause problems for designers before the PCB layout phase, reveal strategies that can be used by the designer to avoid these pitfalls, and how Altium Designer can be leveraged to work for them.

Once the design is verified, the next step is to transfer it to PCB layout. Whether you are transferring a captured design to a new PCB document for the first time, or making changes to an existing design on either the schematic or PCB side, some way of keeping the two sides in-sync is required. Altium Designer provides a powerful design synchronization feature that delivers an effective solution to the problem of keeping designs synchronized, allowing you to get on with the most important and, from an engineer's perspective, the more enjoyable job of actual design.

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